Hi, we’re Polyphona [puh-lif-fa-nah].

Our name is a play on polyphony, a musical composition where two equal melodies form a counterpart harmony, with an -a to signal that we are a women-owned organization. 

These are our values.

Productive collaboration

We believe productive collaboration is scalable. With us, gone are the days of frustrating group projects or unequal distribution of labor and effort across teams. We train others to combine their ideas and powers into compelling and productive partnerships.

Strategic thinking

We work smarter by creating organized experiences and systems that reduce busy work and enable active learning. We consider trends and address pain points in current educational environments to envision a better future.

Human-centered innovation

We combine our training in the humanities with cutting-edge educational technology. We consistently build our solutions to promote diversity and ensure accessibility.


Sustainable growth

We advise educational units and individuals how to build their brand, audience, and public voice with an eye toward expanding access to education.



We strive to reduce inequity in education by fostering a culture grounded in respect. We celebrate diversity, and aim to reach every learner. We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion.



We value feedback from of our clients. We aim to consistently improve our services. As educators, we believe in leading by example.